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Lifebelt’s patented under lap belt system:

has the potential to increase protection from serious road crash trauma

decreases chest and femur loads and reduces head excursion

increases pelvic retention

offers safety benefits for the rear seat without the cost and weight implications of the traditional solutions such as steel pans and pretensioners

offers alternative to pretensioning and seat structure for front seat applications in lower specification markets

does address the risk of spinal injury

requires no external triggering, wiring or sensors to work

can help address the future demand for restraint improvements in rear seats by various NCAPS

The safety advantages offered by Lifebelt are unsurpassed by any current restraint system and are achieved with no perceptible change for the end user

Patent granted in US, Australia, EU & China. To download a PDF copy Click Here

For copy of Executive Summary Click Here

For copy of the Lifebelt Potential synopsis Click Here

For copy of report of Spinal Compression Testing comparing a current production front & rear seat to the Lifebelt modified equivalent Click Here

See link to the “seat pan loading differences using a new test apparatus” Proceedings of the 23rd
International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles, Seoul, Republic of Korea 27-
30, 2013 Click Here

For copy of 2014 SAE World Congress brochure on Lifebelt Click Here

To view Lifebelt front & rear seat demonstration video Click Here

For copy of 2015 ESV Conference brochure on Lifebelt Click Here



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