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Lifebelt’s logical and innovative design enhances current seat and seatbelt technology. (Iteration 1 shown below, click on the illustrations for enlarged views)

During collision, impact forces cause a dynamic interplay between Lifebelts upper and under lapbelt's. This results in increased pelvic retention and no submarining.

Spinal Compression Testing compared a current production front & rear seat to the Lifebelt modified equivalent. The front seat had a steel pan for anti-submarining while the rear seat had a solid frame steel structure. Lifebelt showed reductions in spinal loading in the modified seats greater then 50% and also showed gradual loading curves whereas the standard front & rear seat loading curves were much steeper.

A new enhancement has been tested to extend the effective range of Lifebelt for rear occupants. During the development testing it was noted that standard anti-submarining solutions (seat pan and pretensioner) or Lifebelt were not able to prevent submmarining of a 10yo child dummy. The new option known as SOSE (Small Occupant Safety Enhancement) under test showed complete restraint for the 10yo child dummy without any submarining thus broadening the appeal of Lifebelt.



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