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The Lifebelt concept was first developed in 1999 by two doctors in Adelaide, South Australia & the company was established in 2008.

Working in Hospital practice Dr Lui Pisaniello and Dr Marcel Stephan were seeing patients with chest & abdominal injuries caused by seat belts in motor vechicle accidents especially for occupants sitting in the rear seats.

Later, as parents they also observed the vulnerability of their children travelling in the rear seats of their own cars.

These experiences were the motivation for the search for a better solution.

The development of the Lifebelt design was guided by a vision to incorporate harm reduction strategies for a broad demographic ranging from children through to pregnant women.

Lifebelt is a patented and crash sled proven seat belt design that delivers on this vision.


Dr. L Pisaniello

Dr. M Stephan


- Chief Executive Officer and Director.

Member of The Institution of Engineers Australia with a Bachelor of Engineering degree and over 25 years experience in design and management.

ROBERT JUDD - Technical Director.

A Development Engineer with over 30 years of experience at Autoliv specialising in the area of seat belt design, restraint systems design, testing and application. This includes several years managing the Autoliv test centre in Melbourne Australia with an understanding of the crash test environment as well as product testing.

Dr TOM GIBSON - Director.

Founder and principle engineer of Human Impact Engineering and a world leader in the biomechanics of impact injury causation. Internationally recognized in the field of mechanical and computer simulation of injury causation and the design of safety systems. He has provided technical advice to various standard associations overseas and within Australia and has extensive experience in this field, in the areas of research, database analysis and product design.

ANTHONY DAVIES - Chief Financial Officer.

A Chartered Accountant with a Bachelor of Economics degree and over 25 years accounting experience including 15 years as a practice principle.

BRIAN THIELE - Technical Consultant.

An engineer with over 25 years of automotive seat design & development experience (19 years with Futuris Automotive). Will provide Lifebelt guidance on the rapidly changing seating trends.



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